In 2019 we have seen ECR Community go from strength to strength and expand its global reach. This year we were delighted to welcome new ECR members, Colombia, China, Kazakhstan and Mexico. The addition of these countries really strengthens our mission as we are able to collaborate with countries from across all continents.

Here is a short introduction on each member and if you are interested in getting in touch with any of them to discuss potential collaboration please email

ECR Colombia is part of Colombian firm Logyca who facilitate and promote collaboration in different industry sectors to generate value through best practice in standardisation and logistics. Working with clients in a range of sectors – agriculture, healthcare, food/beverage, transportation and retail, they provide a number of services to their clients including advice and consulting, brokering relationships between clients/partners, data and analytical services and support in adopting GS1 standards. The main points of contact for ECR Columbia are Leonel Pava and Juan Felipe Gomez and you can find out more here.

ECR China was established nearly 20 years ago by the China Article Numbering Center to promote ECR concepts. It is particularly interested in promoting supply chain standardisation through the use of digital technologies and has introduced a Commodity Information Service Platform to provide accurate commodity data for Chinese enterprises. The main points of contact are Dr. Kong Hongliang and Carter Yao and you can find out more about ECR China here.

ECR Kazakhstan was established this year and is part of GS1 Kazakhstan. The main points of contact are Azat Abdrakhmanov and Akram Roziyev and you can find out more about ECR Kazakhstan here.

ECR Mexico is part of GS1 Mexico and was established earlier this year. The main points of contact are Gerardo Brehm Sordo and Paola Cabrera.