ECR Ireland Members

The following companies represent ECR Ireland in their respective sectors.

The following associations and companies represent the ECR community in their respective countries.

ECR Community Partners


Working on behalf of the Retail Sector, the ECR Retail Loss Group is focused upon developing imaginative thinking, new approaches and genuine innovation in the management of retail losses. With membership open to any retailer or product manufacturer, and promoting a collaborative approach, the Group ensures that the results of its extensive and wide-ranging work is made freely available to the industry. It is a separate group to ECR Community but we maintain close links.


AIM (Association des Industries de Marque) is the European Brands Association, representing manufacturers of branded consumer goods in Europe on key issues which affect their ability to design, distribute and market their brand.


EuroCommerce is the principal European organisation representing the retail and wholesale sector. It embraces national associations in 31 countries and 5.4 million companies, both leading global players such as Carrefour, Ikea, Metro and Tesco, and many small businesses. Retail and wholesale provide a link between producers and 500 million European consumers over a billion times a day. EuroCommerce is the recognised European social partner for the retail and wholesale sector.



GS1 is an international not-for-profit association with members in over 100 countries. It is dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across sectors.


The Consumer Goods Forum brings consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally. A CEO-led organisation, it helps the world’s retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to collaborate, alongside other key stakeholders, to secure consumer trust, drive positive change and strive for greater efficiency.