Following our recent workshop on sustainability in the supply chain on Feb 20th 2024, brought together 25 senior executives from retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to discuss complex sustainability strategies in Ireland.

Participants were divided into four breakout groups where were discussed the importance of alignment in Ireland and how trading partners can collaborate in order to drive sustainability in the supply chain.

Each breakout group presented their feedback afterwards… and a clear message emerged from all groups.

There is a need for alignment of sustainability goals in Ireland.

  • Companies have complex, multi-faceted and impressive sustainability strategies.
  • However, many companies have different milestones, roadmaps and delivery dates.
  • There are also differences in definitions & KPIs.
  • This applies for retailers & manufacturers.
  • The need for alignment and clearer communication is apparent for both internal and external purposes.

To this extent, the ECR Supply Chain Subgroup proposes that we conduct further investigation.

We wish to assess whether there is an appetite for retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to meet collectively to share appropriate supply chain sustainability goals & roadmaps in order to determine whether there is a need for better alignment.

I would be grateful if you could consider this within your company and let myself or any members of the ECR Supply Chain Subgroup by 12th April know whether your company would be interested in participating in such an initiative.

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ECR Supply Chain Sustainability Alignment Project

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