ECRcirculareconomyGiven the work being done as part of the EU Circular Economy Package, the global resource & waste management crisis, and the deep transformation of consumer expectations and behaviours, the Retail and Consumer Goods sector needs to rapidly reinvent the way consumer products are sold.

To support the ECR Community members in addressing these challenges, the ECR Circular Economy Group are delighted to announce a series of thematic webinars aimed at increasing general awareness and knowledge around the circular economy in the Retail and Consumer Goods Sector.

The purpose of this ECR initiative is to present the trends emerging around the EU Circular Economy Package, identify new opportunities offered by the possible “closure of the cycles” in the value chain of the products and collaboration best practices and to inspire the development of actions and strategies in partnership with the key partners of the supply chain of retailers and manufacturers, including the consumer.

Our Programme


Webinar 1 – What impact the EU Circular Economy Package will have on retailers and manufacturers and how they can prepare?


Tuesday December 3 at 2pm CET

  • Emilie Chalvignac, Director of Operations at Institut du Commerce (ECR France) will set the scene
  • Isabelle Maurizi, Environment & Sustainability Lead at Eurocommerce will give a retailer perspective on the emerging EU Circular Economy Package
  • Eva Schneider, Sustainability & Communications Manager at AIM European Brands Association will give a manufacturer perspective on the EUR Circular Economy Package

arshad-pooloo-FK3s0hRpMNM-unsplashWebinar 2: How retailers and manufacturers can address consumer demand through circular economy projects


Tuesday January 14 at 2pm CET

  • Teresa Mischek-Moritz, Manager at ECR Austria will set the scene
  • Natalie Babbage, Director at Kantar will present their Consumer Response to Sustainability & the Circular Economy study
  • Mathilde de Bortoli, of Jean Bouteille, will present their packaging refill solution that can be used by retailers

alfonso-navarro-qph7tJfcDys-unsplashWebinar 3: Circular Economy Case Studies for the Retail & Consumer Goods Sector


Tuesday February 4 at 2pm CET

  • Silvia Scalia, ECR Director at ECR Italia will set the scene
  • Ignacio Gavilan, Environmental Sustainability Director at Consumer Goods Forum, will provide a global perspective on Circular Economy initiatives and projects
  • Tommaso di Luca, Communications Manager at Lucart Italy, will present their EcoNatural system

Pre-Reading Material

Here are some useful links to information on the Circular Economy that could be useful to read in advance of the webinars

The EU Circular Economy Package provides a good overview of the work the EU is doing on implementing Circular Economy best practice. Launched in 2015, the EU Circular Economy Action Plan was the plan to support the transition to a circular economy. Four years on, in March 2019, the EU Commission released a comprehensive report on how the plan has been implemented. Actions taken include new and revised legislation to the Waste Framework Directive, The Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and the Single Use Plastics Directive.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a great go to guide for all things circular. They have a range of initiatives, publications and case studies to get you up to speed on the topic.

Kantar, who will be featured on our second webinar, have launched a new global study into the consumer response to plastic waste


After each of the webinars the presentations will be emailed to all attendees and posted to this page.


This webinar is suitable for all company functions including CSR Managers, Sustainability and Environmental Managers, Research and Development Managers and Marketing Managers who are interested in sustainability and environmental issues.


For further details please contact either Emilie of ECR France at or our ECR Community Project Manager at