Do you wish to promote your company’s expertise in Category Management and capability for successful collaboration?

If so, please read on to learn how you can participate in this exciting global Review of Best Practice.


Category Management is a cornerstone activity within ECR ever since the ECR 8 step approach to Category Management was developed in 1995. It is now a global practice although ever changing as companies gather more data and insights, develop online platforms and better integrate with shopper marketing and advertising campaigns, both internally and with trading partners.

For these reasons, ECR Community is well placed to publish and disseminate a Review of global best practices extensively. ECR Community believes this Review of Category Management Best Practices will prove to be a valuable source of insight & learning and assist in developing the skillset of practitioners globally. There are ECR Nationals in 25 countries throughout the world, extensively in Europe and recently in China, Colombia, Mexico and Kazakhstan amongst others. To facilitate such a global publication, a high-level editorial committee has been established including Dr. Brian Harris and Luc Demeulenaere, authors of the original seminal ECR publications on Category Management.

Review of Category Management Best Practices 2020

The aim of this review is to highlight successful Category Management approaches and execution throughout the world. The definition of “successful” is related to the resources available to the company involved and to the sophistication of the marketplace employed. At a minimum, the campaign should be ground-breaking in some form.

All submissions will be confidential and reviewed by the Editorial Committee for the purposes of inclusion in the Review. If you are interested in participating and would like more information about how to make a submission, please contact