Do you wish to promote your company’s circular credentials and highlight its ability to collaborate?

ECR Community is conducting a Review of Global Circular Economy Practices in the Retail & CPG Sector

 The aim of the Review is to highlight global Circular Economy case studies and emerging practices in the Retail and CPG sector.  The output of this Review will be a handbook to provide guidance to sustainability professionals trying to implement circular solutions in their companies.

We are seeking case studies to be included in the Review that demonstrate circularity across a range of topics including packaging, food waste, waste management innovation, repairability, secondary raw materials & resource efficiency.

Case studies should be able to demonstrate more than what a single company are doing – it should be able to show case its collaboration with other partners, including retailers, manufacturers, and technology providers.

We recognise that the circular economy is a relatively new area, so while we are keen to include companies who can demonstrate a circular or closed loop system with several companies working together to achieve circularity, we are also interested in case studies that highlight those on the journey. Your project may not have achieved full circularity yet, but you may have lots of interesting insights and learnings from your journey to date.  We are also interested in projects that are using data and tools to make informed decisions.


We believe ECR Community is well placed to publish and disseminate a Review of global circular economy case studies. It represents ECR Nationals in 25 countries throughout the world, extensively in Europe and recently in China, Colombia, Mexico and Kazakhstan amongst others.  This will allow for inclusion of case studies throughout the world and global circulation of the final review.

The circular economy aligns to the ECR model of promoting collaboration and new ways of working between retailers and manufacturers. It should be a valuable source of insight & learning and assist in developing the skillset of practitioners globally within our sector.

Next Steps:

  • Companies interested in being included in this Review should register their initial interest by end of May: Click Here
  • All submissions will be confidential and reviewed by the Steering Committee for the purposes of inclusion in the Review. The Review will be a digital publication in English, however there may the possibility to link a submission to a local language if needs be.
  • We aim to publish this Review by the end of 2021.


Any companies interested in sponsoring the Review should contact

Steering Committee:

  • Charles Allart, Petrel  (France)
  • Christopher Hill, Food Cloud (Ireland)
  • Manfred Tacker, University of Applied Sciences, Vienna (Austria)
  • Ché McGann, ECR Community
  • Declan Carolan, Co-Chair, ECR Community
  • Emilie Chalvignac, ECR France / Institut du Commerce
  • Teresa Mischek-Mortiz, ECR Austria
  • Silvia Scalia, ECR Italy
  • Carolina Gomez, ECR Italy

We are also interested in hearing from other associations interested in being involved in this publication, or contributing insight articles as appropriate.


For further details on making a submission please contact, or consult with your local ECR organisation with any queries.

For the latest details on the project please visit us on LinkedIn