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Learn how these innovations can streamline processes, enhance decision-making and drive efficiencies within category management frameworks by exploring different strategies and methodologies.

Join us for this webinar where we’ll discuss how to use tools effectively, giving you practical know-how to navigate the complex world of retail and consumer goods.

Check out below the expert presenters at this webinar

George Mirza
George Mirza
Smart category management solutions refer to using advanced technologies
and data analytics in a collaborative platform to optimize and manage
processes that deliver on the category management promise of profit and
sales at scale. Georges will deliver an overview on what new technologies
impact Category management and learnings from the NRF ’24
Mark Davies,
Mark Davies,CEO of Dc Activ,
“ImpactXP: The 5 in 1 Commercial Simulator”

Showcasing how Mars are using ImpactXP globally to drive an end to end Category approach from Ai Ranging to Virtual Research.

Dr. Kevin McCarthy
Dr. Kevin McCarthy CEO & Co-Founder RecommenderX
This presentation will focus on Advise – a cutting edge analytics technology for Category Managers. The presentation will showcase how Advise combines all market data (external, internal, customers) to create actionable insights. The presentation will examine how to turn data into knowledge, how to discover insights and how to assist Category Managers to be more efficient and effective in their roles.
Hans Thomas Breckwoldt, & Julian Ploetz,
Hans Thomas Breckwoldt, & Julian Ploetz, Senior Lead Cat Man, Shell Germany & Hoffrogge
“´One size fits all´” or ´”best of cluster”´ is a thing of the past. Brick and mortar
retailers are forced to efficiently plan and sustainably implement shop formats individually per site with AI-supported Category Management tools to meet shoppers’ needs and win market share
Alexander Proske,
Alexander Proske, Regional Director, Eagle Eye Group
Personalization of promotions will increase the efficiency of promotions, but still
the “cannibalization of revenue” -challenge will remain.
Now imagine: how powerful a solution would be that is not only providing
personalized promotions, but personalized promotions that are guaranteed
profitable? Guaranteed profitable for the retailer and the manufacturer – and
loved by shoppers. The Loyalty Challenges solution from Untie Nots, an Eagle
Eye Company delivers this.
Olivier Delangre,
Olivier Delangre, CEO Amoobi
While assortment review often receives significant attention during category
resets, space optimization is sometimes neglected. Amoobi’s customer
tracking technology helps category managers understand how shoppers
navigate the shelves, even if they don’t make a purchase, by providing insights
into product sequence, signage, and the effectiveness of end caps
Kris Woodbeck,
Kris Woodbeck, CEO, Pcsso
A retail revolution is being led by Gen Z and social media platforms have
become the pivotal arena for this change. Discover how modern computer
vision offers a fresh view of online consumers and the products they share, far
surpassing the limitations of hashtags and metadata. Learn how retailers and
brands can use these insights to anticipate and adapt to an increasingly
fragmented consumer landscape.