This webinar focuses on Omni-Channel Category, showcasing distinguished speakers from industry leaders Amazon, Yagora and JD. Attend as we dissect the future of retail, meticulously examining how omni-channel strategies adeptly amalgamate online and offline shopping experiences. Gain insights into the meticulous orchestration of these strategies, ensuring a uniform and convenient customer journey across diverse channels. If you were unable to attend the live session on December 12th, we invite you to access the recorded webinar to stay abreast of the cutting-edge developments in retail.

Tianze Su,
Tianze Su, Head of Product Operation, Department of Ecosystem Service, JD Retail.
Introducing’s growth and sharing how it carries out category management.
Stijn Demeersseman,
Stijn Demeersseman, Chief of Staff, Amazon Fashion Europe.
Amazon, your partner for category and brand building. Dispelling retail media myths in a world of unified commerce.
Benjamin Thym & Steffen Schöne,
Benjamin Thym & Steffen Schöne, CEO & Founder Offerista Group, GmbH - COO Chief Operationg Officer, Yagora.
Digital Shopper Activation at scale – proven impact of online activation on offline sales