ECR Supply Chain & OSA Workgroup

This Workgroup is a quarterly peer-to-peer workgroup & network for product availability & FMCG supply chain leaders.

The Workgroup provides Irish retailers & suppliers an independent forum to discuss supply chain issues & matters focussing on the forces shaping food and grocery supply chains in Ireland including

  1. Supply chain challenges & opportunities in Ireland
  2. Collaboration in supply chain
  3. How supply chain managers can add value to companies.
  4. Promotions management & Forecasting accuracy
  5. Out-of-stocks
  6. Food waste prevention & Shrink management
  7. Impact of Brexit
  8. Supply Chain technology & innovation

Download a Sumary of the latest ECR Supply Chain Workgroup HERE

Focus Areas of ECR Supply Chain Workgroup

1. What are key supply chain challenges & opportunities for companies in Ireland.

  • Each attendee to identify 3 issues which represent their major challenges and/or opportunities.
  • The group to debate the issues and decide on the three most common/representative.
  • This output to influence next steps, action and speakers for the ECR Supply Chain Summit on Sep 5th.

2. E-2-E supply chain mapping of data & product flow

  • DC Visits
  • Supplier DC visits
  • Understand the challenges, barriers and opportunities associated with the movement of supply chain related data and actual product through the mapping of retailer and/or supplier supply chains.

3. OSA – How is it measured, reported, managed

  • Understand the level of data available for retailers & suppliers
  • Assess the level of OSA and Brexit associated risk
  • Consider next steps for the industry to measure & manage OSA.

4. Learning from UK

  • Collaboration
  • Data Sharing
  • Implants



ECR Supply Chain Summit 2019

Thursday 5th September @ Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport

“The Irish FMCG Supply Chain - Best practices, opportunities & challenges”

The 2019 Summit will be relevant to all supply chain managers and product availability experts in Ireland and will promote collaboration &  encourage networking and relationship building among supply chain practitioners.

Click HERE for details on Speakers and booking