The Supply Chain Summit for the FMCG grocery sector

ECR Supply Chain Summit will illustrate how supply chain can drive growth
In recent years, the primary KPI of many supply chains has been to reduce cost. While this remains, it is now vital that Irish supply chains deliver growth and competitive advantage in areas other than cost.
Today's effective supply chains consist of multiple partners collaborating.  Collaboration in the supply chain context means working together both internally & externally.  For bigger companies this can be working with many different internal departments requiring multi-diciplinary supply chain executives.  But for all companies it means working closely with key trading partners - retailers, suppliers and service providers.
Case studies from the ECR Supply Chain Summit 2015 will show how effective supply chain collaboration can drive growth accordingly.

ECR Supply Chain Summit is the major conference for collaborative best practices in the Retail & FMCG grocery sector in Ireland


Featuring ECR Supply Chain Awards 2015

The ECR Supply Chain Awards is the feature event of the Supply Chain Summit.
Each finalist presents a submission representing excellence in the Irish FMCG supply chain.
Conference delegates vote for the award recipient.

Finalists - Glanbia Consumer Foods - Coca Cola HBC - Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland
The Use of Data Analytics in Inventory Management - A Case Study
John Mee - Head of Supply Chain & IT
Paul Forde - Head of Centre of Excellence for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Glanbia Consumer Goods
“Data analytics”, or the ability to provide value through the mining, analysis, visualization and inference of and from data, is a leading edge development that is finding increasing favour in industry. The use of data analytics has direct relevance in Supply Chain Management (SCM), given the volume of data that is generated by both the breadth and depth of the functions found in general SCM operations. This initiative is centred on the use of data analytics in a Glanbia Business Unit, Glanbia Consumer Products.

Using collaboration to improve operational alignment between partners            
Alastair McIlroy, Customer Collaboration Manager
Coca Cola HBC
From late 2013 into 2014 Coca Cola Hellenic (CCH) successfully implemented VMI with Tesco for the Island of Ireland. VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) gave CCH access to Tesco replenishment systems to control the flow of inventory into the two Tesco warehouses on the island. This in itself delivered an improvement in service levels from 94% to 99% post process implementation.

Benchmarking & Innovation at MRPI     
Tony Harris, Supply Chain Innovation Manager
Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland
The objective of this project was to understand where the best Supply Chains were, and to create pipeline for innovation at MRPI. It was also identified as an opportunity to engage the wider supply chain management team in taking an external view of our industry. Ultimately the key output would form our Supply Chain 3 year plan through the insights gained.

Supply Chain in action from Ireland & UK

The evolution of our supply chain from recession through to recovery
Eoin Butler, Supply Chain Manager
Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

How have Wrigleys UK & Tesco UK collaborated to sell more and lose less
Richard Brown, On Shelf Availability Manager
Wrigleys UK

How UK retailers and suppliers worked together to drive on shelf availability
Chris Sellicks, Customer Supply Chain Manager
Nestle Ireland

Asda Phantom Inventory Collaboration Programme
Alistair Wright, Channel Manager
Retail Solutions
Inaccuracies in perpetual inventory prevent replenishment systems from re-ordering products needed on the shelves and result in lost sales. Asda has partnered with suppliers and Retail Solutions to proactively identify phantom inventory by using electronic point of sale data and advanced analytics. One year into the programme, results show that over £25m of sales have been generated across the 25 suppliers on the programme.


A Changing Supply Chain Environment: A 3PL perspective
Mark Parsons, Chief Customer Officer UK & Ireland
DHL Supply Chain
Supply Chains are made up of Infrastructure, People, Product, Cash and Information. Each of these components are undergoing disruptive change, whether technological, regulation or consumer driven. This a short perspective on how the Supply Chain outsourcing market has changed and is responding.

Keeping up with shopper demands in an improving market place
David Berry, Business Unit Director
Kantar Worldpanel
An overview of Irish shopper behaviour and shopper satisfaction.



2015 Summit Speakers