"Best Practice in Implementing VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory", 2016

“Best practice in implementing VMI" – a recommendation by the ECR Community- highlights an efficient cooperation-based replenishment strategy, which facilitates high availability of goods while at the same time only requiring a low stock level.

The publication comprises current contributions by supply chain experts from industry and academia as well as the findings of a survey conducted in 15 countries. In addition, key supply chain topics are addressed, including VMI principles and organisation, important categories, implementation, control, targets and IT coordination.

The manual also describes the latest VMI theory and includes some tools and templates which make practical implementation easier for supply chain experts. It is a must have for all those who work in or manage supply chains in Europe.


 “Sell More, Waste Less", 2016

 How to improve the performance of the fresh supply chains

A major strategic consideration for perishable food is the trade -off between product availability, freshness and waste.  Although oft misunderstood, it is not possible to have continuously high product availability, maximum freshness and minimal waste.  Those companies with definite strategies perform best and become recognised by their shoppers as being unique.

The University of Eindhoven released research on June 1st.  Their “Sell More, Waste Less” Report included a final report, a best practice checklist, and a tool to quantify waste and OSA.  This Report will be circulated & presented in detail. The Report encourages Fresh Food suppliers & retailers to find the optimal mix between OSA and Waste percentage.

Notable in the output are the identification of;

i.              FCC – Fresh Case Cover was identified as a strong indicator for waste

ii.             Efficient Frontier - The relationship between On-Shelf Availability (OSA) and Waste.


 "Waste Management Webinar, ECR UK Best Practice Webinar", June 17th 2015

Ways to cut product waste in your business and improve the profitability. 

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