Pharma Focus is a Syndicated Pharmacy Research Study launched by ECR Ireland & V360°.

A major focus area throughout the ECR Pharma Meetings 2018 has been Irish Pharmacy Shopper Insights.

To meet this demand, V360° and ECR have formed a syndicated pharmacy research solution to support suppliers, pharmacies and service providers aiming to unlock growth within the sector with relevant Irish pharmacy shopper insights.

This is an exciting piece of research.  It underlines the benefit of participation in ECR Pharma Workgroups as discussion between pharmacies, suppliers & service providers during the ECR Workgroups 2018 have emphasised the need for more relevant Pharmacy Shopper Insights throughout the sector.  Pharma Focus has thus been developed to serve this requirement in a cost-effective way.

Participation in Pharma Focus is open to members & non-members of ECR Ireland with a different pricing model for both.
Confirmation of participation is due by end of January 2019




Are you interested in joining ECR Ireland Pharmacy?

Quarterly Workgroups 30th August & 25th October 2018

To all Pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and service providers to the Pharmacy sector

Following the recent ECR Pharma Exploratory Meeting and subsequent expressions of interest, ECR Ireland will set-up an ECR Pharma Quarterly Workgroup. 

Please see below a summary of the Pharma Exploratory Meeting and an outline of ECR Pharma.

An introductory offer of 18 months for 15 will apply to new Pharmacy members of ECR Ireland from July 2018. 
Members can attend all ECR events including the Shopper Workgroup, Supply Chain / OSA Workgroup & Digital Forum and avail of the ECR member rate for all ECR conferences.  Pharmacy presence on the ECR Ireland Steering Group will also be sought.

Please respond if interested in joining ECR and attending the ECR Pharma Workgroups and I will follow up with each company after 2-3 weeks to allow for internal consideration.

ECR Pharma Exploratory Meeting May 24th 

  1. Download ERC presentation
  2. Download Pharma Support Presentation
  3. Download V360 Presentation

1. ECR Pharma - Rationale & proposed structure - Declan Carolan, ECR Ireland & ECR Community
2. Category Management & Collaboration in Pharmacy - Juan Fravega, Pharma Support
3. Shopper Insights for the Irish Pharmacy Sector - Eoghan Phelan & Stephen Rust, V360°.
4. Discussion – All attendees

Juan, Eoghan & Stephen provided excellent insight and analysis on category management, collaboration & shopper insights for the Pharmacy sector which prompted considerable debate.  The output of which will serve as the main focus areas for ECR Pharma 2018 / 2019.

ECR Pharma 2018 / 2019
Quarterly ECR Pharma Workgroups
For all trading partners along Pharmacy value chain.
1. Small, medium & large Pharmacy groups
2. Independent owners
3. Suppliers / distributors / manufacturers
4. Pharmacy service providers
Purpose & focus areas
1. Neutral platform to work together to advance the industry
2. Predict future changes in pharmacy consumer & shopper behaviour
3. Irish Pharmacy Shopper Insights.
4. Understand successful category management & shopper marketing in the Pharmacy sector.
5. Establish Best Practices for operations & collaboration
6. Examine data accuracy & store inventory accuracy as current issues.
7. Monitor new business models (including paid services, e-commerce and the role of digital technology in the future of Irish pharmacies)
8. Track international & digital developments

Quarterly Meeting Dates 2018 tbc
• August 30th
• October 25th

Please feel free to contact Declan at ECR for any queries at all