On Shelf Availability

OSA is a strategic priority for ECR Community and its members, as to ensure high levels of On-Shelf Availability a collaborative approach is required between retailers and manufacturers.

On-Shelf Availability (OSA) and Out-of-Stock (OOS) are key metrics for retailers. OSA is defined as the availability of product for sale to a shopper, in the place they expect it and at the time they want to purchase it, while OOS is used to describe a situation where a consumer does not find the product on the shelf, when they wish to purchase it.

Various methodologies, best practices and projects exist across various countries and markets for measuring OSA. Some countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Czech already have robust databases for these metrics.

ECR Community is conducting an OSA Barometer of its members with the aim of creating a library of ECR published methodologies, analysis & studies / research.

Steering Group

Our steering committee is chaired by Tomáš Martoch of ECR Czech and Slovakia. For further information about the work the group is doing please contact martoch@gs1cz.org

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