Digital Forum @ Heineken – 23rd March, 2018 

Topic 1: Heineken Rugby Club (HRC) – David Farragher, Activations Manager, Heineken & Heineken Light

David outlined a 360 degree approach in leveraging digital tools effectively for the Heineken Rugby club campaigns:

Why Set up HRC?
• Critical platform for Heineken
• Lost Heineken cup sponsorship – had to fill the gap
• Rugby no. 2 sport in Ireland

What is HRC?
• Operates Like a club for rugby fans
• Members have access to best bars, pundits, fun rewards, a sense of belonging

HRC Website
• Updates on sponsored events
• Offers discounts and rewards
• Events – expert analysis (Eddie O’Sullivan)
• Find best bars for home and away games

Adverts for HRC:
• Need to be short and snappy for social media
• Not replicate TV adverts
• Catch attention in a few seconds
• Viral videos

Topic 2: Gladcloud – Keith Curley, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Gladcloud enables local businesses to manage their social footprint and online reputation. Keith discussed Gladcloud services and hyper local advertising:

• Provide hyper local advertising
• Be hyper relevant
• Ability to measure footfall
• Empower local merchants
• Customise video ad templates
• Integrate tools with all customer engagement platforms

Future trends in hyper local advertising:
• Addressable tv (local advert with personalisation), generation Z all comfortable with this.
• Voice recognition
• Repeat order prompts

Topic 3: Breakout discussion: Predict effective Personalisation for Irish grocery shoppers for 2022

All attendees divided into 3 breakout groups and gave the following feedback.

All groups agreed that personalisation within grocery shopping will occur by 2022. All groups also believed that voice recognition would be available for leading online portals. While all groups expected a step change in personalisation, voice activation and online retailing there was no consensus as to when this step change will occur. Most agreed it will happen when a major disruption to the market place occurs. The most widely touted being the entry of Amazon online grocery in Ireland.

Individual comments from the groups were as follows:

• If someone has an interest in particular items and brand – (eg shampoo, clothing, beer), tailor these items for individuals and keep them informed if this item is on offer in specific stores.

• Understand more about the customer – (eg celiac or vegetarian). Limit to relevant information for their needs. Have functionality to know what suits this individual.
• Coupons – target the shopper with coupons relevant to them.
• Retailers need to reward customers a lot more.
• Artificial intelligence needs to improve (in relation to customer behaviour).
• Amazon no physical presence in Ireland.
•  “Alexa” already used for security for house – lights and heat etc.
• Should present loyalty card in grocery store when you enter (not just when paying) and get guidance on repeat products and where items are in store.

Drapery is ahead of grocery in this area – why?

• Drapery has been more researched.
• Groceries can be perishable and bulky.
• Frowned upon to just order 1 item of grocery. Not so for drapery.
• Grocery more sensory – customer wants to see and feel.
• Drapery – usually a large selection to choose from online.
• For grocery, takes time online and then delivery time must be determined and agreed.
• Cost to retailer a barrier for online – vans and logistics.


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