The ECR Ireland celebrates meetings with all ECR Shopper Workgroup members about “Category Management & Shopper Marketing”, in which, is talk about of the overview of ECR Shopper Workgroup -next Meetings, Better Practices & Collaboration Updates, ECR Community & International News, Trips...-; the ECR Shopper Workgroup Strategy -vision, objectives, strategy, tactics- ; the ECR Community Project for this year; the Shopper Workgroup Governance; Publications; Upcoming Conferences & Awards & Forums; ECR Training Courses; Shopper Marketing Framework; Digital Share Group; Insights Structure; Merchandising & Sponsors; and a Case of Study is exposed by Guest Presentation & Retailer and/or Service Provider Update, among others purposes. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the work of the ECR Ireland Category Management & Shopper Marketing Workgroup, and its background, you can click in the Minutes uploaded underneath or asking to for additional information.

Minutes of ECR Ireland Shopper Workgroup: