ECR Shopper Workgroup – 21st March, 2018

Topic 1: What to expect for 2018 - Declan Carolan - ECR

• 2 major focus areas, eCommerce and Brexit
• open discussion on industry challenges
• examining current best practices and initiatives
• delivering shopper and consumer insights
• providing network opportunities
• understanding Brexit opportunities
• working together for food waste reduction
• building supply chain expertise & logistic opportunities with trading partners
• understanding eCommerce opportunities
• ECR newsletters from discussions and debates

Topic 2: Shopper Matchmaking – changing the way we talk to shoppers - Sarah Kelly, MD Goosebump

For 2018, how do we create, maintain and grow relationships with our shoppers? We need to put shopper to centre of equation. 40% of Irish consumers regard shopping as a chore and 1/3 will choose a grocery store on speed of service rather than loyalty card. Successful brands are the ones that are both physically and mentally available. Are you mentally available when they are thinking of you? Are you physically there when needed? Successful brands are motivated by a genuine desire to contribute to peoples’ lives.  They go beyond trying to make people want things, rather they make things people want. For the shopper, it’s all about the experience. Develop your relationships with your shoppers to really win.

Topic 3: Looking ahead to the sugar Tax – Mark Allan, Dunnhumby

It is a good time to give up sugar as sugar tax is due to be introduced May 1st. As a nation we consume 10 million kilos of sugar through soft drinks per annum. Mark Allan queried whether the sugar tax will influence our demand? The top 10% of consumers consume 13kg of soft drinks a year. This equates to €31 a year extra which according to Mark is unlikely to reduce consumption. According to Price modelling analysis, it is not until the price rises by 20% that demand is affected.
Profile of the heaviest consumers of sugary soft drinks:
Most likely to be:
• Stretching the budget
• Can’t cook, won’t cook
• Purchase brands that appeal to children
Least likely to be:
• Interested in flavours
• Cook from scratch
• Weight conscious

Most likely behaviour:
• Impulse shoppers, they do not use planned shopping lists
Most likely lifestage:
• Young families

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Minutes of ECR Ireland Shopper Workgroup: