ECR Ireland is delighted to announce that the ECR Ireland Heroes Awards will be held on Thursday 30 June 2022!

Nominate your ECR Heroes by Friday 10th June.

Following the success of the event in 2021, the ECR Ireland Steering Group has decided to once again host the ECR Heroes Awards and to make it bigger & better than before!

How will we make ECR Heroes better?
1. Make it easy to enter.

a. €250 to enter – declining for multiple entries.
b. Simple Nomination Form.

2. Create internal & industry recognition for deserving colleagues.

a. Trophies, Certificates & prizes for those nominated and Category winners.
b. Trade Press coverage
c. PR company retained to assist the promotion of ECR Heroes.

3. Aim for at least one entry from every ECR member company.

a. Every company should have at least one colleague deserving of industry recognition!
b. Create excitement within our industry.
c. Don’t be left out!

This year, entries can be for colleagues who have exceeded expectations in any facet of the business in 1 of the 5 ECR Heroes Awards Categories.

1. Heroes for the Community
2. Heroes for Shoppers
3. Heroes for Service
4. Heroes in your Workplace
5. * NEW - Heroes for the Planet *

Important Milestones

1. Fri 10 June – Nominations submitted by midday
2. Mon 13 June - ECR Panel select & announce Finalists.
3. Mon 27 June - Videos to be submitted by Finalists.
4. Tue 28 June – ECR Panel will select the Awards winners
5. Thur 30 June– ECR Heroes Awards Event


1. ECR Heroes Overview – contains full details
2. Nomination Form
3. ECR Promotional Flyer

Participation in this event is open to all companies – ECR members & non-members alike so please share with colleagues and trading partners.