The first ECR Digital Forum of 2019 was hosted by Fujitsu Ireland.

Title              “Retail for the Future - Global Trends & Customer Expectations”
Presenter      Kenneth Keogh, Director of Business Development, Fujitsu Ireland.
A new retail world is emerging where technology connects and interlinks everyone and everything.
Today’s customers expect their in-store and online experiences to match, and retailers must adapt and become truly connected if they are to keep pace with rising demand for a consistent customer experience delivered through multiple touchpoints and channels.  Manufacturers should understand this shift in emphasis also to remain relevant and top of mind.

At Fujitsu, we understand the retail environment in which you operate and the need for reliability, agility, and flexibility.
We develop and deliver innovative solutions for retail and hospitality that future-proof customer experiences in an omni-channel world.
Our Connected Retail solutions are focused on;
• improving customer's experiences
• increasing efficiency
• growing your business

Kenneth Keogh considered the emerging technologies and in-store experience as developed in the US and now emerging as “new retail” in Asia with a particular focus on Ali Baba’s new Hema supermarkets which he recently visited.  Ali Baba’s Hema is all about fresh food and completely powered by mobile, including product information & cashless payment. It specialises in displaying fresh food & live seafood which can be purchased & consumed in their onsite restaurant. 
Checkout out Hema Supermarket here.

Retail showroom – Fujitsu Ireland - Caragh O’Carroll – 20th March 2018

ECR Ireland members were invited to Fujitsu offices for Retail showroom to demonstrate their full suite of retail offerings, to help them futureproof their customer experiences.
A new retail world is emerging, one where everyone and everything are interlinked and connected by technology. Today customers want their in-store experiences to match those online. To keep pace with the rising demand for a customer experience delivered through multiple touch points and channels, retailers must evolve to become truly connected.
Caragh explained that Fujitsu understand the retail environment in which we operate and the pressures to deliver on a seamless shopping experience. With their innovative retail and hospitality solutions, Fujitsu can futureproof customer experiences in the always-on always-connected world.
The showcase is centred around Fujitsu Market Place which combines in-store and online orders for a consistent and seamless customer buying experience across all channels. The showcase also includes their Self-Checkout service, Retail Engagement Analytics to capture and analyse customer behaviour and engagement, Smart Dressing Room solutions and more!