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The ECR Ireland Digital Forum is a series of workshops to allow members to discuss, debate, better understand & track the impact of digital in our sector and identify key areas of investment & change. 

The 2nd ECR Digital Forum was hosted by Unilever Foundry at the Dogpatch Labs, The CHQ Building with 35 retailers, suppliers & service providers in attendance.

The theme was The Digital Path to Purchase and featured 2 insight presentations & a Breakout Group.

Daniel Ryan, Unilever: "The rise of the omni channel shopper & understanding digital disruption in the path to purchase journey'.

Daniel conducted a quick overview of the existing landscape focusing on:
* Growth of digital in Ireland
* Innovation is accelerating
* Hero Images for online
*Disrupt or be disrupted - e.g. Glissed and buymie
* Follow the consumer
* Partnerships - Dogpatch Labs
Evelyn Peters, Nielsen: "Capturing effective digital advertising"

Evelyn highlighted the challenges facing the industry in defining the digital path to purchase and the challenges for digital advertising therein.
* The millenials
* Technology
* Personalisation
* Omnichannel
* Focus on insights
* Stop counting the people & Hit the people that count.
Breakout Groups - The Omni-channel Shopper

A feature of the Digital Workgroups are the Breakout Groups where participants debate a topic and present their findings back to the wider group.
Each group considered;
*Who is the omni channel shopper?
*What are their barriers to purchase?
*What are the barriers to supplying them?  

* Irish consumer behaves differently to UK.
* Poor role out of internet access outside Dublin.
* Stock availability a problem, don't get a second chance online.
* On-line is becoming front of mind in the sector, because this is where the conversation starts with the customer, it is critical to getting them in store.
* It will take 1 major disruption or disruptor for the whole sector to be forced into change.
* The customer is looking for cheaper products but behaviour changes is causing an increase in servicing their needs.
* Social barriers are preventing on-line grocery shopping, Irish consumers see shopping as a social event to meet neighbours and friends, especially outside Dublin.
* Good growth in Munster.
* There is a difference between transactional shopping & emotional shopping




1st Digital Forum on 21st June 2017:

The most valuable component of the ECR Digital Workshop are the Breakout Groups where peer-to-peer groups discuss a Digital topic and debate feedback. The theme of the Workshop was “Improving ease of shop - How can you increase the visibility of your products online? What does best practice look like?”

Many thanks to Simon Etchells, Group Digital Director, The Delta Group, for an up to date review of the use of technology instore and the omni-channel shopper.

Look what we did in our last Digital Forum, click here to download the deck from the ECR Digital Forum including feedback from the Breakout groups.