ECR Supply Chain Summit & Awards, 

At Crowne Plaza Hotel Blanchardstown, Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15.

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ECR Supply Chain Summit & Awards, 2015

ECR Supply Chain Summit will illustrate how supply chain can drive growth
In recent years, the primary KPI of many supply chains has been to reduce cost. While this remains, it is now vital that Irish supply chains deliver growth and competitive advantage in areas other than cost.
Today's effective supply chains consist of multiple partners collaborating.  Collaboration in the supply chain context means working together both internally & externally.  For bigger companies this can be working with many different internal departments requiring multi-diciplinary supply chain executives.  But for all companies it means working closely with key trading partners - retailers, suppliers and service providers.
Case studies from the ECR Supply Chain Summit 2015 will show how effective supply chain collaboration can drive growth accordingly.

ECR Supply Chain Summit & Awards, 2015

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Supply Chain Steering Group Co-Chairs 2015

  • Eoin Butler - MRPI
  • Bryan Delaney - Irish Distillers
  • Sean Connolly - Wincanton Logistics
  • John Mee - Glanbia Consumer Foods


⇒ ECR Ireland Supply Chain Summit, on September 10th, 2014. The theme was "Collaboration- the Key to a truly successful supply chain", with the objective to set the context for collaboration -working together internally & externally- in the Irish supply chain.

⇒ ECR Ireland Supply Chain Summit, on November 13th, 2013. The theme was "Working together in the Irish supply chain", with the objective to enhance operational excellence by enabling trading partners to work together to increase efficiency and effectiveness in Supply Chain Management, to eliminate waste and disruption and improve the quality of service to consumers and shoppers.