Do you wish to promote your company’s expertise in Category Management and capability for successful collaboration?

If so, please read on to learn how you can contribute to and be included in a global ECR publication … 

The ECR Review of Best Practice in Category Management 2020

The aim of the Review is to highlight successful Category Management case studies, approaches and execution throughout the world. 
The definition of “successful” is related to the resources available to the company involved and to the sophistication of the marketplace employed. 
At a minimum, the campaign should be ground-breaking in some form.

ECR Community is seeking between 10-20 case studies throughout the world that illustrate best practice in category management today.
This is a fabulous chance for ECR to create bespoke influential thought leadership on category management and is a great chance for retailers, suppliers & service providers to illustrate expertise in Category Management & collaboration.

Retailers & suppliers interested in being included in this Review should complete the following two steps:

1. Submit an abstract of the submission by Friday 31st January.
a. This should be two to three brief paragraphs and may be submitted in a local language if needs be.
b. The Editorial Committee will consider the abstract and revert with initial feedback.
c. Please email this abstract to

2. Submit the Best Practice Category Management Case Study by Friday 28th February.
a. Please use the online Template HERE.  A word copy of the Template is attached.
b. Refer to the attached sample template in advance to understand the format & extent of the submission required by the template.
c. The preferred language for this submission is English. Some exceptions may be made.
d. Email relevant photos to
e. The Editorial Committee will select the submissions to be included in the final publication accordingly.

More information as follows

1. Background Info ECR Community Review of Best Practice in Category Management 2020.pdf - including reasons why retailers, suppliers or service providers should get involved, expectations, timelines, etc.
2. Word Copy of the Template for Category Management Submissions.docx – A copy of the online template for reference purposes.
3. Sample Template for ECR Community Category Management Review 2020.docx – An example of how to fill out the Template for submissions for reference purposes.

All submissions will be confidential and reviewed by the Editorial Committee for the purposes of inclusion in the Review.
The Review will be a digital publication in English.  However, there may the possibility to link a submission to a local language if needs be.  ECR Community believes this Review of Category Management Best Practices will prove to be a valuable source of insight & learning and assist in developing the skillset of practitioners globally.

For Tech Companies, Service Providers & potential Sponsors-

We are also interested in the following;
• Sponsorship from companies to cover the graphic design costs.
• Insight articles related to Category Management from service providers and technology companies as appropriate.
• Please contact for these queries.

We very much look forward to receiving submissions from many countries throughout the world and please feel free to contact any of the Editorial Committee below or consult with your local ECR organisation for any queries at all.

Editorial Committee

• Declan Carolan, Co-Chair, ECR Community
• Dr. Brian Harris
• Luc Demeulenaere
• Ché McGann, ECR Community
• Francoise Acca, Institute du Commerce, France
• Claudio Czapski, ECR Brazil
• David Ciancio, dunnhumby